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Ag Chem is our specialty area with over 20 years of experience helping clients complete pre-construction sampling and permitting, voluntary investigation and cleanups, and involuntary investigation and cleanups. This industry can be complex where the “one size fits all” concept to environmental investigations and cleanups does not apply. The seasonal nature of this business requires effective communication with clients and regulators to achieve designated goals while minimizing facility disruptions.


The biggest challenge in the Ag-Chem industry stems from consultants attempting to work in an industry with little to no knowledge about agricultural chemicals, little to no experience with the various regulatory programs, and no experience actually using agricultural chemicals. This dilemma can easily complicate the process, cost more money, take more time, create more work for the regulators, and potentially fail to achieve the intended goal. In addition to over 20 years of experience in the Ag-Chem industry, Environmental Scientific is unique to the consulting world in that it is based in a rural area and has first-hand experience using fertilizers and pesticides.

Don't hesitate to contact us with any Ag-Chem questions, we will provide advice and options for your consideration. You can also e-mail us for a list of industry references.

In Minnesota there are three types of Ag-Chem projects regulated by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture's (MDA) Incident Response Unit: Pre-construction, Voluntary, and Involuntary projects.



As the name implies, Pre-construction projects are completed prior to the construction of new structures to prevent new construction over existing ag-chem contamination. These projects typically begin during the MDA's facility permitting process and are fast-tracked with respect to facility construction schedules. If ag-chem contamination is identified within the construction footprint, those contaminated soils are removed prior to construction. If contamination is identified and all Pre-Construction investigative and cleanup work is approved by the MDA, all incurred costs are eligible for 80% reimbursement from Minnesota's ACRRA Fund.



Voluntary projects are regulated through MDA's Agricultural Voluntary Investigation and Cleanup (AgVIC) program where a facility volunteers to investigate and cleanup one of their properties. Many times these projects are tied to property transfers, but these projects also begin when a facility wants their name removed from the MDA's Priority List where facilities are slated to complete an Involuntary investigation and cleanup. If all Voluntary investigation and cleanup work is completed correctly and approved by the MDA, all incurred costs are eligible for 80% reimbursement from Minnesota's ACRRA Fund.



Involuntary projects begin when the MDA requires a facility to complete an investigation and cleanup of their entire facility. These projects are called Comprehensive sites and although they have less flexibility, have stricter deadlines, and include a more formal documentation process than Voluntary projects, all incurred costs are still eligible for 80% reimbursement from Minnesota's ACRRA Fund if the work is completed correctly and approved by the MDA.