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About Us

About Us Environmental Scientific has helped clients down the path towards achieving their environmental goals since 2000. Our company is unique to the environmental field placing emphasis on strong customer relationships often developing into long-term friendships built on trust.


What we believe makes Environmental Scientific different begins with our core philosophy:

Business Philosophy - ES's business philosophy revolves around our belief that we obtain more work by doing less. More specifically, we carefully listen to our client's environmental needs before recommending options to consider. Once the preferred option is selected, ES outlines a scope of work that effectively achieves their goal(s) without completing excessive work. That scope is then completed under the direction of the appropriate regulatory agency(s). This style can result in less or sometimes no work for Environmental Scientific, but the client/consultant trust that develops is invaluable.

Communication Style – Environmental Scientific understands that effective communication with clients, colleagues, and regulators is critical to success in the environmental business. To remind ourselves of that every day, we incorporated this communication triad into our project management style, resulting in a client's understanding of what is being done and why, colleagues working as a team, and regulators understanding requests and/or submissions prior to formally receiving them.

Management Structure – Environmental Scientific has learned many clients value having owners working directly for them. Accordingly, Environmental Scientific is small enough and structured so that ownership is actively involved in all aspects of project management including: answering the phone, project planning, project completion, and project billing.

Electronic Reporting – Environmental Scientific is an electronic firm using modern technology to generate electronic correspondence, reports and invoices that are efficiently created, effectively documented, submitted timely, and secured indefinitely. Clients find that electronic reporting speeds up the process, saves them money, and most importantly, allows clients to avoid maintaining an environmental library.

Main Service Areas – Environmental Scientific has a diverse background with experience in all environmental disciplines, but primarily due to our rural location, we specialize in six (6) main service areas including: Ag-Chem, Environmental Assessment Worksheets, Property Assessments, Septic System Design/Inspections, Strategic Environmental Planning and Permitting, and Wetland Delineation/Mitigation. If you have environmental questions outside these areas, don't hesitate to ask. If we can't help you, we will recommend someone who can.